Test Process Management of Snafflz Software

snafflzSnafflz is a cloud-based guest management app that helps planning manager’s to register guests and provide information related to the upcoming events.  It helps users to create new events, import guest details from other file sources in the form of excel sheets. Its users can efficiently synchronize app data with guests and register it by using their desktop and mobile devices. Snafflz will lead its users to add attendee details and build guest list automatically. Live statistics and event reports are also the major benefits of this software, which its users can attain out of it. This software needs complete and effective testing so as to ensure customer reliability and efficiency.  Test process management tools will be the key here to sustain accuracy in desired performance results. Quality assurance team of Snafflz must have to use Kualitee as a test process management tool as it’s ranked as the top most bugs and vulnerabilities assessment and management program. You can achieve the following benefits from Kualitee as a test management tool. Continue reading


Testing Processes For AIMsi Software

AIMsi is recognized as the end to end, point of sale management solution which is employed by the retail business managers in order to streamline their business inventories. Accounts inventory tracking, POS and customer management is at its best when it comes to AIMsi software. A customized range of sales and inventory management features are also available by its developers for the users of this fully featured software. A built in ledger and accounting software makes it sure, that you can easily integrate your credit and accounting procedures with other available programs.  It’s a fully integrated management system, which allows its users to improvise their monthly sales.  This particular software needs to be tested out in an organized fashion, so as to sustain optimal level proficiency in results.  This particular software needs to be tested out with perpetual intervals, so as to sustain the reliability and efficiency in results. Testing of this specific retailing software is important and has to be conducted out in an organized fashion. Software testing services plays a significant role in determining the optimal quality out of a software. Top software testing frameworks are… Continue reading

Testing Frameworks For Secret Video Recorder App

Now you can experience the best quality Cellphone monitoring software app if you are an android mobile user. Secret video recorder app is there for you to precisely record the video of your surroundings without taken in account to anyone else. By using this fully featured secret video recorder app you can easily monitor the activities of your children and can see what they do in their spare time.  For android users who have install 6.0 marshmallow on their devices, it’s a perfect app to secretly make videos. This specific secret video recorder app needs to be tested out with consistent approach otherwise its developers will lose overall user appreciation towards this particular app. This fully efficient cellphone monitoring software app has following features. Continue reading

Mobile App Testing Firms! Which Company Is On The Top

Tourist AppThis is the world of apps. Mobile app development has increased a lot in recent past years.  With the enormous growth in Apps development, it’s becoming essential for developers to sustain the quality and accuracy in results. To achieve proficiency in mobile app quality, it’s important to hire the services of a mobile apps testing company as they have the required amount of knowledge and expertise to detect any major bugs or inefficiency impacting on the quality standards. Around 70 % of the world population is now using smartphones and on every device, apps are installed. Diversity in mobile devices make it more hard and difficult for developers to sustain quality of their developed apps on all available platforms. You can find out the list of top quality Mobile apps testing companies performing worldwide. Continue reading

How Automation Testing Tools Help To Retain Superiority in Performance


“Automation Testing is for every IT firm, who is engaged in development of Apps & Software”

Automation testing is now essential & mandatory to accomplish desired operational quality out of a software. Software testing analysts give more priority to this testing framework in comparison to manual testing. It is lot quicker, effective and cost efficient process to rectify bugs and vulnerabilities out of a software or any programmed IT setup. Every time when a code of a software is altered, it needed perfect and timely checking with precision in results. Automation testing is the only way to achieve perfection and accuracy in results when it comes to testing of software. Automation testing can be employed by hiring the services of software testing company. You can find out the best software testing companies details by viewing out Gartner (IT Research Company) website. You can see the companies like Kualitatem & A1QA in the list whom are engaged in the performance of software quality assurance and quality control. Continue reading

Check Out the List OF Top Software Testing Companies in USA

software-testing-companyBusinesses have witnessed an enormous amount of growth especially in IT sector after the mid 80’s in USA. It’s mandatory and essential for all software houses and IT organizations to sustain optimal performance quality of their developed programs by getting the services of a software testing company.  Software testing companies in USA helps their clients to fix out all the related bugs and vulnerabilities by identifying and removing out the susceptibilities attached to a particular IT unit. You can check out the list of top software testing companies in USA, right below. Continue reading

Automation Testing Vs. Manual Testing! Which Is More Efficient?

automation-vs-manualWhen it comes to testing of a particular software, testing analysts can choose either they have to use manual or automation testing mechanism to rectify bugs and vulnerabilities.  Their decision to choose any testing mechanism will be based on the available costs and benefits of each project. Both automation and manual testing have their own pros and cons, but automation testing is now the most ideal choice of worldwide testers. Automation testing deliver more efficient and perfect results when the project is large.  It is helpful when system users are in huge numbers and repetition is required in overall testing process. Below is list of benefits that any testing executive can enjoy by employing automation testing frameworks. Continue reading