Test Process Management of Snafflz Software

snafflzSnafflz is a cloud-based guest management app that helps planning manager’s to register guests and provide information related to the upcoming events.  It helps users to create new events, import guest details from other file sources in the form of excel sheets. Its users can efficiently synchronize app data with guests and register it by using their desktop and mobile devices. Snafflz will lead its users to add attendee details and build guest list automatically. Live statistics and event reports are also the major benefits of this software, which its users can attain out of it. This software needs complete and effective testing so as to ensure customer reliability and efficiency.  Test process management tools will be the key here to sustain accuracy in desired performance results. Quality assurance team of Snafflz must have to use Kualitee as a test process management tool as it’s ranked as the top most bugs and vulnerabilities assessment and management program. You can achieve the following benefits from Kualitee as a test management tool. Continue reading


How Test Case Management Tool Could Improve Efficiency Of Financial Edge (Financial Software)

Financial EdgeFinancial Edge is perfect quality NXT software which allows their users to have an efficient and perfect cloud based solution of maintaining financial data.  That system is an ideal solution for maintaining general ledgers, grants, projects, fixed asset banking and other financial recording benefits.  Financial Edge is a kind of software that offers time reporting for all their users to maintain their financial data as it is expected.  As it is a perfect product of black bud that already have an appreciation of their users. The primary concern is about the persistence in its performance that must be assured by using a bug case management tool.  Kualitee is a perfect quality test case management tool that can surely help the developers of financial edge to meet desired results. Kualitee powerful dashboard provides a quick status of the new developments which are occurring rapidly with consistent intervals. Continue reading