Careem – Car Booking App! Why To Maintain Its Quality Through QA

careem-mobile-app-testingMillions of passengers all around the globe use Careem app to safely travel from one place to another. Almost every smartphone user have install this car app on its mobile to book a ride and reach to their destination in a timely fashion. A user can simply book a ride through this app and your ride will be there in minutes.  Most of the time, this app works perfectly well on any smartphone device but some of its users face performance bugs at the time of rush hours. It’s a negative affect which could be only taken care off with the help of mobile apps testing company, having years of experience in mobile app test analysis and mobile apps testing framework implementation. Performance testing of careem car app can deliver the following positive outputs to its developers.

  • It access production readiness of any mobile app to achieve future performance goals
  • It compare the overall performance of an app against rival apps
  • Performance testing identify the source problem of any app impacting the desired quality
  • You can collect other performance related data to make informed decisions
  • Ensure the hardware configuration on multiple systems

How Performance Testing of an App is Carried Out

A mobile apps testing company employ diverse nature quality assurance frameworks like LoadRunner, WebLoad, QALoad, SilkPerformer and Jmeter to access the actual level of performance possessed by an app. Performance bugs in Careem app can only be identified, if this app is tested out in a consistent manner. Any user of this car app can make a ride by using this app for their travelling purpose as it is available 24/7. Resourceful mobile app testing will make this app perfectly workable at the time of rush hours. Enhanced level performance testing will make it sure that this car app work perfectly well every time whenever a user book a ride at the time of heavy loads. Performance testing procedure for a mobile car app is as follows.

  • Assessing the business requirements and review application features
  • Identification of performance test matrices for mobile app
  • Creation of test scenarios and configuration of test environment
  • Execution of performance test scripts to evaluate results
  • Analyze results and make recommendations to improve app overall performance standards.

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