Test Process Management of Snafflz Software

snafflzSnafflz is a cloud-based guest management app that helps planning manager’s to register guests and provide information related to the upcoming events.  It helps users to create new events, import guest details from other file sources in the form of excel sheets. Its users can efficiently synchronize app data with guests and register it by using their desktop and mobile devices. Snafflz will lead its users to add attendee details and build guest list automatically. Live statistics and event reports are also the major benefits of this software, which its users can attain out of it. This software needs complete and effective testing so as to ensure customer reliability and efficiency.  Test process management tools will be the key here to sustain accuracy in desired performance results. Quality assurance team of Snafflz must have to use Kualitee as a test process management tool as it’s ranked as the top most bugs and vulnerabilities assessment and management program. You can achieve the following benefits from Kualitee as a test management tool.

  • End To End Testing
  • Create Modules and Build Management
  • Create Modules
  • Manage Testing Teams Efficiently
  • Customizable fields and attachments
  • Test Reports Preparation

Testing is now Fun with Kualitee

Kualitee has just made testing a full of fun activity with its simple, intuitive and gorgeously designed interface. Quality assurance team of Snafflz will get instant emails and notifications about their testing evaluations to always keep an eye on detecting bugs and vulnerabilities. Kualitee will allow them to create roles and the certain set of privileges to keep users under specific job roles. Members of quality assurance team can work as admin tenant, developer, test manager, and tester.

They will not have to worry about the security of their developed software as all permissions and denials will be in the hand of quality assurance team.  Testing data will be transferred in an encrypted way to protect it from intruders. It’s always difficult to get a software stable in one single testing cycle.  As Kualitee is ranked among the top notch test process management tools so it delivers multiple test cycles to run and stabilize the product. Quality assurance team of Snafflz will get enhanced maturity at the time of releasing a new version of their software in the market.

Its process flow is completely intuitive and delivers proper documentation in the form of pdf, excel, and word format. Quality assurance team of Snafflz can extract instant reports to present testing evaluation in weekly and monthly meetings. Kualitee will deliver the complete picture of types of defects as it has an information-rich format to approve and reject any testing mechanism.

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