Testing Processes For AIMsi Software

AIMsi is recognized as the end to end, point of sale management solution which is employed by the retail business managers in order to streamline their business inventories. Accounts inventory tracking, POS and customer management is at its best when it comes to AIMsi software. A customized range of sales and inventory management features are also available by its developers for the users of this fully featured software. A built in ledger and accounting software makes it sure, that you can easily integrate your credit and accounting procedures with other available programs.  It’s a fully integrated management system, which allows its users to improvise their monthly sales.  This particular software needs to be tested out in an organized fashion, so as to sustain optimal level proficiency in results.  This particular software needs to be tested out with perpetual intervals, so as to sustain the reliability and efficiency in results. Testing of this specific retailing software is important and has to be conducted out in an organized fashion. Software testing services plays a significant role in determining the optimal quality out of a software. Top software testing frameworks are…

  • Automation test analysis tools
  • Functional test analysis tools
  • Performance Test analysis tools
  • Security Test analysis tools
  • Usability Test analysis tools
  • Platform compatibility test analysis tools
  • Responsive test analysis tools

Retail Software Are More Exposed To Security & Functionality Threats

A retail software like AIMsi is more exposed to security threats and vulnerabilities than any other kind of IT program. Securities and vulnerabilities assessment is basically relates to the scenario, where a specific software is efficiently tested out on the basis of its security measures.  In case of any negligence in security testing, a business has to face high legal cost as well as damaged repute.  As per the Gartner, more than 70% of the security breaches occurs because of the reason of flaws in an application settings.  Security and penetration testing makes it sure that a software is developed in a précised manner, without any interruption of security bugs. Software testing services providers have the right amount of knowledge and resource in order to identify security bugs out of a software.  Security testing strategy is based on the following steps.

  • Listing out the attached vulnerabilities and associated risks
  • Finding out the high risk area required immediate attention
  • Implementation of security testing tools
  • Removal of bugs & their reporting

A software, which involve the recording of inventories as well as their point of sale in an organized fashion, required to be tested out with perpetual testing approach. Continuous security testing can really transform desired amount of benefits in terms of quality assurance and performance management.


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