Mobile App Testing Firms! Which Company Is On The Top

Tourist AppThis is the world of apps. Mobile app development has increased a lot in recent past years.  With the enormous growth in Apps development, it’s becoming essential for developers to sustain the quality and accuracy in results. To achieve proficiency in mobile app quality, it’s important to hire the services of a mobile apps testing company as they have the required amount of knowledge and expertise to detect any major bugs or inefficiency impacting on the quality standards. Around 70 % of the world population is now using smartphones and on every device, apps are installed. Diversity in mobile devices make it more hard and difficult for developers to sustain quality of their developed apps on all available platforms. You can find out the list of top quality Mobile apps testing companies performing worldwide.

Kualitatem: Kualitatem takes mobile app testing very seriously and make it sure that their client’s app testing work is perfectly carried out with complete accuracy and in a timely fashion.  They have a comprehensive and unique mobile apps testing process, which ensure the quality of apps on all available and expected platforms. They are ranked among the top ten pure play software testing services providers as well as widely appreciated by Gartner. Their app testing framework is based on the five steps. That is as follows.

  • End User Experience Testing
  • Device Hardware Testing
  • Cross Platform Testing
  • Application Acceptability Test Analysis
  • Communication Medium Testing

Smart Bear: When it comes to mobile apps testing, Smart Bear rank second. They are less appreciated than Kualitatem in terms of delivering top quality mobile app testing frameworks.  They are engaged with more than fifty worldwide mobile apps testing clients and ranked 2nd in the list of top mobile apps testing companies.

Zensar: As a mobile app testing company, Zensar ranked 2nd.   Worldwide mobile app testing analysts like their services of app testing and follow their testing paths and frameworks. As a mobile app developer you can hire their testing services to accomplish desired level reliability and efficiency in results.

DAMCO: Ranked 4th in the list of top notch mobile apps testing company, DAMCO deliver some most efficient and reliable app testing solutions. As a quality assurance manager you will love to hire them as a mobile app quality assurance solution provider. Test your app from them and maintain its optimum quality.

If you are a manger of a mobile app development house, than must hire a mobile apps testing company otherwise desired operational benefits cannot be achieved.  Consistency in testing can really achieve desired operational results & quality in any app for a long-lasting time.


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