Automation Testing Vs. Manual Testing! Which Is More Efficient?

automation-vs-manualWhen it comes to testing of a particular software, testing analysts can choose either they have to use manual or automation testing mechanism to rectify bugs and vulnerabilities.  Their decision to choose any testing mechanism will be based on the available costs and benefits of each project. Both automation and manual testing have their own pros and cons, but automation testing is now the most ideal choice of worldwide testers. Automation testing deliver more efficient and perfect results when the project is large.  It is helpful when system users are in huge numbers and repetition is required in overall testing process. Below is list of benefits that any testing executive can enjoy by employing automation testing frameworks.

Automation helps to run test quickly and efficiently than manual testing

The reason why automation is more acceptable among testing executives because it helps to automate a test with in no time. Testers can reuse tests in case of implementing regression testing approaches.  In comparison to manual testing, tests are carried out in a perfect timely fashion.  Testes will not have to fill out the same kind of information again and again while implementing their test cases.

Economical Than Manual Testing                                    

Automation tests could be expensive for short term testing but it can deliver huge benefits when it comes to longer time duration projects.  Manual testing approach for longer time duration projects could be detrimental as it requires huge amount of investment causing an increase in overall expenses.  To accomplish result oriented manual testing you have to hired more resources and tools that can lead to increase in overall expanse.

Automation Is More Interesting

Repeatedly filling out the same testing forms could be so annoying for testing executives. Automation simply helps testing executives to not engage in the formation of same testing initials. They can use a specific test framework for another software test that they have used earlier. That feature enable testers to save their precious time for some other fruitful activities.

Every One in Team Can Actually Watch What Is Happening Around

In case of manual testing, the rest of the team can’t see the results on perpetual basis. While when testers adopt automation testing process they can see the results by just signing in the testing system.  Overall team association and collaboration with each other enhanced and in result, final product is achieved with perfect quality.

Ending Notes:

IT infrastructures are becoming more and more complex with the passage of time so their testing has to be carried out by employing advanced and efficient tools. Automation can really help to achieve desired operational quality with in no time by expending less.


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