Penetration Testing Services for IBM Cognos TM1 Software

ibm-cognos-penetration-testingIBM Cognos TM1 is an enterprise planning software which helps organizations to manage their accounting and financial transactions in a precise an efficient way.  This program is available for both, program based and server based users. By using their smartphones, users can also make changes in their required financial data. IBM Cognos TM1 basically relates with the management of financial forecasting & management, so to carry out a perfect penetration test will be so helpful for their development team to reduce any chances of software security bug or inefficiency.  For that purpose they have to hire a QA tester, which has experience in performing penetration tests.

What is Penetration Testing & How It Will Be Performed

A penetration testing or pen test basically refers to an attempt in order to evaluate the security of an IT infrastructure by safely exploiting out the vulnerabilities attached to it. These vulnerabilities might be exist in operating system or the medium that has been used to access this software. QA tester simply adopted those strategies which helps to evaluate any bug or inefficiency that might lead to reduction in software overall security standards. Security breakage could impact so drastically on the quality of a program, and can results in direct financial loss.

According to the estimated data analysis related to software overall security clearly depicts that, in year 2014; companies have to bear 3.5 $ billion as the cost due to not having a proper implementation of safety protocols. Development manager working on IBM Cognos TM1 project has to make it sure that their software doesn’t have any loophole or inefficiency which could lead to decrease in its overall security level.  By hiring a team of QA tester they can easily make it sure that software is free from any kind of vulnerability that can impact on its security levels even after years of its release.

Penetration testing has to be carried out with continual approach as the security vulnerabilities or inefficiencies can attack on software performance any time & make it vulnerable. The more a software will be exposed the more will be the chances that it will become the victim of potential intruder plans. The only way to accomplish higher standard performance of IBM Cognos TM1 is to hire a QA tester team so as to implement security standards with consistent time intervals.


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