Automation Testing Vs. Manual Testing! Which Is More Efficient?

automation-vs-manualWhen it comes to testing of a particular software, testing analysts can choose either they have to use manual or automation testing mechanism to rectify bugs and vulnerabilities.  Their decision to choose any testing mechanism will be based on the available costs and benefits of each project. Both automation and manual testing have their own pros and cons, but automation testing is now the most ideal choice of worldwide testers. Automation testing deliver more efficient and perfect results when the project is large.  It is helpful when system users are in huge numbers and repetition is required in overall testing process. Below is list of benefits that any testing executive can enjoy by employing automation testing frameworks. Continue reading


How QA Tester Evaluate Quality of a Software


TeamSupport is a customer management program which swiftly address the client issues through multiple channels & ticketing. Large to midsize companies around the globe use this software to maintain the full record of their customer management. Development executive working on Team Support project has to keep in mind the importance of quality assurance and making a hiring of a QA tester should be their preferred choice to evaluate performance of their software. Maintaining the quality and performance standards should be the goal of any software development house & for that purpose they have to adopt those procedures which could help them to establish higher standard & quality. Getting the service of a QA Tester can really help them to sustain performance as they have the complete knowledge and skills to evaluate a software quality. Continue reading

Penetration Testing Services for IBM Cognos TM1 Software

ibm-cognos-penetration-testingIBM Cognos TM1 is an enterprise planning software which helps organizations to manage their accounting and financial transactions in a precise an efficient way.  This program is available for both, program based and server based users. By using their smartphones, users can also make changes in their required financial data. IBM Cognos TM1 basically relates with the management of financial forecasting & management, so to carry out a perfect penetration test will be so helpful for their development team to reduce any chances of software security bug or inefficiency.  For that purpose they have to hire a QA tester, which has experience in performing penetration tests. Continue reading