Preferred Software Testing Methodologies

Software-TestingQuality assurance is now becoming worldwide industry practices so as to maintain the quality of a software by conducting result oriented testing tools & techniques. Testing methodologies basically involves testing out a product in accordance with its specification. Although every software testing company have designed some unique testing tools but there are some methods which are commonly used by the QA tester. These really help to identify the bugs or inefficiencies attached to a particular software or program. Two most common and result oriented techniques used by a quality assurance company are…

  • Functional Testing Evaluation
  • Non Functional Testing Mechanisms

Scope of Functional & Non Functional Testing

Functional testing basically refers to the identification of bugs attached to software functionality. It includes unit testing, integration testing, system testing analysis and acceptance testing. Unit testing basically refers to the testing of individual software testing or module that makes up an application or system. This specific testing technique is carried out by using the approach of automation analysis mechanism. Sometimes a software only perform well, when it is configured perfectly with other platforms. Integration testing really help to identify any kind of vulnerability possessed by a software which can impacts on its desired results during the performance of specific tasks. Software used by the manufacturing companies requires perfect integration analysis as the software installed there has to be perfectly integrated with other programs and devices.

System and functionality testing is also the essential part of functional testing approaches. System testing is basically the part of black box testing, which is a must do testing approach now a days. Acceptability testing is the fourth & last stage of functional testing, which makes it sure that all the functions of a software are performing as these has to be. That process helps to identify bugs even at the last stage. QA testers use any of the above mentioned functional testing framework to establish desired expected results.

Nonfunctional testing basically refers to the scenario, where a software is tested out on the basis of its performance, security, usability & compatibility. Security analysis is perfectly a necessary approach especially for financial management software to keep them safe from any kind of vulnerability or threat that can lead to any major security threat. Usability & compatibility testing are also the essential approaches which are the major part of nonfunctional testing & employed by QA testers to maintain required performance.


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