Benefits of Performance Testing Services You Need to Know

Here is an advice for you: If your software, application, or a webpage is not treated with any indispensable Performance Testing Services, get ready for the demise, because now, your customers are conditioned to speed.

Users will simply close the application if it takes more than two secs to load. It’s a must you know some crucial benefits of performance testing practices before you lose some special visitors:

Audits The Feature Functionality

Performance testers validate the key features of an application or any official web page because only the legitimate baseline can make a product successful. With these services, stakeholders can assess the performing value of that product by predicting and analyzing future improvements.

Measures Stability, Load, and Accuracy Rate

It is significant to measure the scalability, stability, load rate, accuracy rate, and quality before the product gets delivered to its end-users or clients. The crucial product assessment provides the performance testers and the business heads with an analytical view of the stability of the particular product.

Keep Your Audiences Satisfied and Happy

Frequent and flowy updates and innovative features can keep your customers and clients keenly happy. But it can be only made possible by winning your potential-users’ hearts at the very first attempt. It can be achieved only by a speedy loading website because your clients don’t like waiting even for a few seconds. So make a good impression and keep your users happy and satiated.

Therefore, Low load rate can be the reason why your users are running away from your app.

Just a soft reminder: it’s the right to opt for good Performance Testing Services.

Fixes Loopholes

Testers identify glitches and any lapses while digging out the vulnerabilities in the product. They fix them simultaneously keeping up with what stakeholders require. Even clients can review the product and let the testers know what it lacks and what could be added to enhance its performance.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is just a pretty drastic example to make you all demanding for Performance Testing Services!


Why It’s Mandatory To Use Bug Tracking Tools For Gaming Apps

“The more effort I put into testing the product conceptually at the start of the process, the less I effort I had to put into manually testing the product at the end because fewer bugs would emerge as a result” Trish Khoo

Addictive-AppsEveryone loves gaming apps, but only those apps which deliver 100% recreational experience. Testing plays a vital role in order to assure the quality of an app for a sustainable period of time. It’s the responsibility of gaming mobile app developers to conduct testing of all their developed apps by hiring the services of a software testing services company. A software testing company use a diverse range of bug tracking tools to evaluate the level of bugs affecting the overall performance standards of an app.  Gaming apps will only perform well when these will be tested out in a consistent fashion. Bug tracking tools deliver the following benefits to all of its users.

Deliver High-Quality Apps

The primary function of bug tracking tools is to maintain the expected level performance of an app on all available platforms and devices.  QA professionals of a software testing services company use bug tracking tools to eliminate any further vulnerabilities and bugs affecting the app performance.

Detect Bugs at The Initial Stage

The most important aspect of bug tracking tools is that these are helpful to detect bugs at the initial stage of the development lifecycle. It’s always better to detect security or functional bugs form gaming apps during the process of development otherwise developers have to face an overall decline in user’s appreciation.

Better Output and Productivity

Implementation of bug tracking tools can surely enhance the overall productivity of app by eliminating any kinds of bugs that could be catastrophic for future growth. Consistent software testing is so helpful to achieve optimized level quality.

Top Mobile Gaming Apps

  • Fruit Ninja – This app has more than 4,944,135 downloads. Just swipe your screen to cut fruits
  • Subway Surfers – It’s a mobile gaming app with colorful and vivid gaming graphics
  • Temple Run – With more than 3,765,000 downloads, it’s the best running game app of all times
  • Angry Birds – It’s a game about using the unique power of angry birds to destroy structures

Ending Note

Implementation of bug tracking tools is the only way to accomplish sustainability and consistency in overall mobile app quality. The more a mobile app will be tested out, the better it will perform on all available platform and devices.

Best Practices For Automated Security Testing

The only truly secure system is one that is powered off, cast in a block of concrete and sealed in a lead-lined room with armed guards. — Gene Spafford

Security is what that your business needs to grow without any consequence of being attached to vulnerabilities/bugs. Are you aware of its importance?

Security testing is an essential part of the QA process to certify bugs at the initial stage of the development lifecycle. Security testing is the backbone of every business firm to ensure the quality of their designed products. Users always love to use those software and IT platforms those are well secured and consistently test out by their security levels. Any security testing company have the right security testing tools to address any security vulnerabilities and threats out of software. Automated security measures are the best way to achieve quality. Security testing companies use the following automated security testing practices to maintain optimized level quality. Continue reading

Software Test Analysis for Home Health Software

Software Testing Company-Home health care software plays a vital role in maintaining/recording the overall health queries of a medical institute or any healthcare department.  Most of this software are available online and easily accessible for any home health care personnel.  Responsive test analysis of all of this software is really essential and it must have to be carried out with the help of a software testing services company. A QA firm employs a wide range of test analysis strategies to endure preciseness in responsiveness. On the other hand, competition among the home health software is now becoming more and more intensive with the passage of time. Users only want to install that software on their systems, who are well responsive and compatible. Top of the line home health care software are…  Continue reading

Careem – Car Booking App! Why To Maintain Its Quality Through QA

careem-mobile-app-testingMillions of passengers all around the globe use Careem app to safely travel from one place to another. Almost every smartphone user have install this car app on its mobile to book a ride and reach to their destination in a timely fashion. A user can simply book a ride through this app and your ride will be there in minutes.  Most of the time, this app works perfectly well on any smartphone device but some of its users face performance bugs at the time of rush hours. It’s a negative affect which could be only taken care off with the help of mobile apps testing company, having years of experience in mobile app test analysis and mobile apps testing framework implementation. Performance testing of careem car app can deliver the following positive outputs to its developers. Continue reading

Performance Testing of Amber POS Software

Point of sale software is now an essential part of any firm ranging from any kind of small level to midsized level business. In United State, Canada and Europe amber POS is the most preferred choice for any business in order to streamline the overall sales process. This software also provides the functions of advanced customer relationship management. With amber POS, users can track the record of inventory deliverance and personal detail of any user. This software also enables its users to make a perfect analysis of their daily sales number. It’s essential for the development team of amber POS to sustain the productivity and performance of their software by evaluating it on the basis of its performance standards. By evaluating a software on the basis of its performance can really transform plenty of benefits in terms of quality assurance and stability maintenance.

The Process of Performance Testing:

Performance testing basically refers to the scenario, where the group of software testing analysts evaluates a software performance by exerting diverse nature load testing artifacts.  Performance testing is an important part of quality assurance, which enables users to get the best out of their software in a reliable fashion. Performance of a POS software like amber POS has to be analyzed and rectified with the help of a performance testing company, having years of experience in performance testing artifacts implementation and analysis. The process of performance testing is based on the following steps.

Collection of Business Requirements: This step includes the assessment of business requirements, reviewing of application features and identification of key elements to setup test environment.

Plan & Strategize: This step includes the identification of performance test matrices, their baseline values, and creation of performance testing plans.

Define & Design: In the 3rd step of performance testing, scenarios are created and testing environment is configured to access performance.

Execution: Following performance testing step includes execution of test cases, validation of results and recording of outcomes.

Deliver:  The last phase of performance testing includes the analysis of results and making of performance testing recommendations in a detailed report.

It’s the utmost responsibility of amber POS development manager to access accuracy and performance of their developed program by hiring a performance testing company. Testing will only deliver the required level of results if it is employed in a constant fashion. The most advanced and reliable performance testing tools are…

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Why Oppo F1s is the Best Choice of Worldwide Smartphone Users

oppo_f1sThere are only few smartphones are out there, whom are getting best user reviews in terms of camera quality and socializing experience. Oppo F1s is without any doubt the most efficient and user’s oriented smartphone out there, which has the resolution of 720*1280 pixels.  This smartphone is powered by outa-core MediaTek processer and comes with 3 GB of RAM. As per the company’s official statement “The Oppo F1s is a dual SIM (GSM and GSM) smartphone that accepts Micro-SIM and Nano-SIM. Connectivity selections include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, USB OTG, 3G and 4G (with support for Band 40 used by some LTE networks). Sensors on the smartphone contain Compass Magnetometer, Proximity sensor, and Accelerometer & Ambient light sensor”.

Oppo F1s; Features and Specifications

  • Battery capacity is 3075 mAh
  • Screen Size is 5.50 inches
  • Resolution is 720 *1280 pixels
  • Octa Core Processer is Installed
  • RAM is 3 GB
  • 32 GB Internal Storage
  • Rear Camera is 13 Megapixel
  • Front Camera is 16 Megapixel
  • 4G- LTE compatibility
  • Compass/ Magnetometer

About The Company

Oppo Electronics Corporation is an electronics manufacturing company situated in china and known for its Mp3 players, Smartphone devices, and LCD and LED TV panels. The company’s smartphone are based on android technology.

The reason why overall worldwide smartphone users like to have this smartphone is because of its fully efficient and equally reliable user’s friendly features. Oppo F1s is especially designed for camera lovers, whom want to have a perfect quality images of an event, ceremony or any function. The best thing about this smartphone device is that, you can upgrade its operating system to new one (Android 7.0) and enhanced your socializing experience.

android monitoring software can be used on Oppo F1s. Its highly compatible with it.